NEC SV9500

The UNIVERGE SV9500 is a powerful communications solution that is designed to provide competitive businesses with the high-efficiency, easy-to-deploy technology that they require. Reliable, scalable, adaptable, and easy-to-manage, the SV9500 is built on cutting-edge technology that supports voice, unified communications and collaboration, unified messaging, and mobility out-of-the-box, all the while remaining easy to manage.

This robust, feature-rich system is ideal for geographically distributed businesses and enterprises. It is designed to help solve today’s communications challenges and offers easy integration with NEC’s unique vertical solutions.

UNIVERGE SV9500 at a glance:

  1. 3U 19 inch rack high-availability Appliance Server with redundant power, network ports and Intel® Core CPU Options
  2. Also available as Virtualized software deployment for VMware® ESXi and Microsoft® Hyper-V®
  3. IP networked geographical redundancy with alternative MGC’s
  4. Multi-Line SIP Client and multiple SIP carrier support
  5. Wide-range of endpoints for all IP extensions/digital/analog
  6. Voice, unified messaging and unified communications as an integrated solution.
  7. A range of mobility apps customizable to meet workforce requirements.
  8. A comprehensive contact center suite ranging from basic to advanced features.
  9. Administrative and cost management tools for the insight the organization requires.
  10. Centralized configuration and management for ease of deployment and maintenance.
  11. A variety of compatible desktop, handset and mobile devices for a fully equipped workforce.
  12. Simplified user licensing for ease of use and budgeting.
  13. A virtualized software model for expanded capabilities.
  14. The SV9500SE model that brings the power and abilities of the SV9500 to smaller-size organizations.
  15. A trusted partner who can fully support dynamic communications and collaboration.
  16. Seamless and flexible deployment with up to 16,000 IP extensions in one system
  17. Hospitality feature options
  18. Global regulatory and environmental compliances including FCC, UL/CSA , CE Marking, Industry Canada, RoHS, REACH and Section 508 Compliant